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About Us

What We Do

Our Success


At #motion we treat any client’s business like our own and we manage each clients marketing budget as if it were our own investment. We have over 25 years experience in marketing, experience gained working with large agencies such as Saatchi and Wolff Olins and working directly with our many clients. We are everything you’d expect from a smaller social media marketing agency – accountable, autonomous, flexible and personable.


As marketing becomes more and more digital you need a company who can understand your brand and get your services to customers in the most accessible way. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, an effective solution is to understand your business inside-out, enabling us to fully appreciate your brand and its goals.


‘Great ideas move people’ – in an ever changing world, brand momentum is everything so choose a social media marketing company which has a track record – put #motion into your marketing today.

In others’ words

I would say a social media marketing spend of £2000 to directly get a return of £160,000 in fees on one property alone in three weeks, is a pretty good gauge on how good these people are.
We had a 3500% increase in Wills & Probate enquiries after our Google animated Ads started running, it gave us quite a thrill to see one pop up on the Daily Mail website.
Simply Outstanding, on law firm marketing they have really opened my eyes to what social media marketing can be achieved!
Our estate agency were absolutely amazed with the new property packs, I have never seen such a beautiful design, it was a pleasure to give them out to customers.
The law firm marketing directly led to our law firm being nominated in The National Law Society Awards, what a buzz!
Our Worldwide website ranking for our law firm went from 20 Million to under 300,000th in a matter of months and we were under 20,000th place in the UK.
We never envisaged such a quick increase in enquiries for our estate agency. As soon as the posts were out on social media, we had enquiries within the hour and multiple viewings booked that day.
Their visual expertise in conveying legal services within our law firm without the traditional 'stuffy' solicitor mentality is inspired. Once they finished the law firm marketing strategy we stood out from all the competition, for the best reasons.


We have taken client’s law firm marketing and estate agent marketing to completely different levels of success, something they had not thought possible. We have worked with business sectors and services that have had little confidence in implementing a marketing strategy. When we have shown them how it is possible to engage customers across platforms such as social media they have never looked back. #motion do not outsource any work we do, we research your business, it’s services and the clients you want to attract and we implement a marketing strategy that is tailored to your budget.


We are experts in all types of marketing from creating a brand identity, to the design and build of your bespoke website, coupled with an SEO strategy that is tailored to keywords linked to your business searches. Our expertise in social media marketing allows us to target customers who have an interest in your business and it’s services, in your locality or as far afield as you want to attract customers.


You will not find a more complete and efficient marketing agency who will be more committed to your business and get the results to amaze. That is why we get much of our work by recommendation.


Having coded our first client’s website 23 years ago, we are pretty confident you will not find a more experienced digital team to implement your company website. We offer full design, build and hosting with email set up and management.


#motion build in SEO work and will get your site and your business interacting organically with Google, resulting in customers able to find your business from the start. We can manage the day to day content or pass back to your team with a full Content Management System to carry out updates.


At #motion we have huge experience and success in tailoring SEO for services to rank very highly on Google. We have taken clients who do not rank at all in search engines, to ranking in four separate places on page 1 of Google!


Looking at your backlinks and adding entries in local business directories, we optimise the page content and write Blogs on services which we then spread over social media. This is all done using an ‘organic’ ranking process and we offer regular transparent reporting to you, so you can see the progress.


By researching about your business and services we learn about the customers you want to target. Our targeting strategy is built around data available from social media and Google re-marketing. Imagine – if we can successfully target the right people to directly to come forward and bid successfully on a multi-million pound property, think what we can do for you.


A well written and keyword optomised website will perform much better over time and you will benefit from organic rankings without paying for Google PPC ads. We increased a law firm website ranking from an ‘invisible’ 22,000,000 place to under 300,000, making it rank above all their competitors. Their monthly visits went from 300 to over 87,000, how strong is your website ranking – take a healthcheck and find out?


We understand brands and have worked with Nintendo, Sainsbury’s, Fullers Brewery and American Express previously to name just a few. Our approach is that a local legal firm of solicitors can take on any of the ‘Golden Circle’ legal brands with the right marketing, we know – because #motion have done it!


With any customer facing business offering services from legal to property, through to garden centres or a new set of tyres for your car, sharing knowledge about your services is empowering and gives confidence in your brand.


As a result, we write blogs across many services by working closely with clients and their business, resulting in articles which are read and shared across the web. Many of our law firm marketing blogs on Immigration, Wills & Probate, Family Law and Conveyancing have resulted in page 1 of Google organically for those clients.


 The marketing company #motion have been helping clients with Pay Per Click PPC Advertising for years. We work on digital platforms from Google Adwords to Facebook and Twitter Ads. We set up campaigns and create adverts using demographic targeting with plans tailored to fit your business.


Our PPC advertising has been responsible for multi-million pound homes attracting perfect buyers. We have given solicitors and law companies huge increases in enquiries using our skills in targeting demographics.


#motion are able to target social media users down to their locality, if they have been previously interested in a service or product. Even by their interests and brands they follow along with how much they earn.

#motion  creatively design all our digital adverts ourselves to give your brand the best power of attraction to any buyer from the moment they see it. We create the content and set it all up, you control the spend, when the budget is used the ads stop and we have full reporting on how many people see your adverts and who respond. So, you get the best content tailored to your brand, you get full control on spend, you get to see a full return on your investment (ROI), so what are you waiting for!


No this is not one of those ‘we can get you 50K followers for $25‘. If we take on your social media or we set up from scratch, we will develop followers organically and they will stay followers. By targeting other accounts who fall into customer profiles and who have expressed an interest in similar services, we build and retain a following. We took a law firm from just 20 followers to over 19,000 followers in 10 months and they stayed followers.


First of all, we have tools which allow us to see how well your website is ranking alongside competitors. We can analyse where you rank on search engines for keywords.


Using these, we can even give you a score on your social media ranking and how it all can be improved. What is the point of a road when you cannot see where you are going, come with us on a journey!


If we work together we want you to be happy with what we suggest and that we are doing what we said we would do for your business. As a marketing company we are up front and honest right from the start on how we work.


Consequently, we will look at your current marketing and your business along with it’s customers. We will put a strategy together that works for you and gives you a return on your investment (ROI).


Our designers have been involved in branding for over 25 years, creating significant brands for companies, which have stood the test of time. You may be looking for a refresh, or a new business venture, whatever the requirements you can trust #motion with any corporate or product branding.


Hence, we create branding from scratch after we have looked at your company and it’s services. We follow through branding across all media, including all customer facing material, signage, website and all social media.


You may see a lot of statistics here, one of the reasons we can can impress with our successes, is because we keep tight control on how we perform. If you decide to come on a marketing journey with us, we will track everything we do and the impact on your business or brand along the way. We know just how to implement the creative and the technical and we have full control over the data and will report back to you with complete transparency.


As we have mentioned, we have tools which allow us to see how well your website is ranking alongside competitors. We can analyse where you rank on search engines for keywords. We can even give you a score on your social media ranking and how it all can be improved. Your current marketing supplier ‘should’ be updating you with this. If they don’t then it may be time to talk to #motion we would be delighted to help in any way.


We provide property marketing and social media marketing across hampshire

#motion have unrivalled expertise in estate agent marketing and can advertise all types of property across social media that hits very accurate targets in a locality you choose. Social media marketing is the fastest growing platform for advertising in the UK, 48% of users say Facebook was the last platform on which they made a purchase. We have experience to refine social media data to the point that we can create property adverts which are picked up by people who are looking to move to an area you have properties advertised, we can even match the property price with how much they earn and their interests.


Our estate agent marketing experience is extensive, from luxury or townhouse to a London residence or country cottage, even an overseas property. We take the property imagery from your website and create the advertising which then links back to your website for enquiries directly.#motion are Hampshire marketing experts in estate agent marketing and property marketing across the South of the UK.

You may have high value properties on your books which with conventional marketing have not got the right enquiries. Contact #motion today and we can put your property in front of people who are looking to buy with our estate agency marketing expertise. We have astonished estate agents, along with property owners with how we achieve this, imagine rolling out such a service to your own clients.

After giving up on 12 months of conventional marketing with another agency on a £7.2M property with no viewings we turned to #motion. After they had taken control of our social media and started advertising the property on that platform, we were astonished that we had viewings booked within a week. Within 3 weeks we had two bidders fighting it out and a final offer of £7.5M. Motion Magic!.
We never envisaged such an increase in sales and new instructions, but we were practically getting viewing enquiries on properties within moments of going up on social media - Scarily Good!
They re-branded us, gave us a new website with property feeds integrated with our valuation systems and designed the most amazing welcome packs. With the social media support it completely transformed the business.

Take advantage of our FREE marketing check today – #motion can give you an idea of your website health plus how ‘social‘ is your social media.


We provide law firm marketing and social media marketing for solicitors and legal professionals across hampshire

Furthermore, as a traditional service we all come into contact with at any stage of our lives, the solicitor and law firm has rarely seen marketing as a drive for business. Our experience in legal sector marketing has been extensive and as a result, we have seen tangible results in our law firm marketing approach that can build new enquiries very quickly for any legal firm. Our marketing has given law firm’s looking for marketing solutions increases of over 3000% in client interaction; using exact targeting of services to individuals and companies. By fully implementing a social media law firm marketing strategy with one law firm marketing client, #motion have been able to increase monthly interaction from 2000 to 1.9 Million impressions a month.

As a traditional law firm we were tentative about social media marketing and if our services would reach the demographic we wanted. They showed us our current website ranked over 20 Millionth place, because it was not showing on mobile and had no SEO. They created a new responsive website with new SEO and in 6 months we outranked every major competitor, some twenty times the size of us. Within 9 months we had gone from 5 Will enquiries a week to 30 a day. We had more Immigration enquiries in one month than the whole of the previous year. The law firm marketing directly led to an increase of £300,000 of billable Conveyancing instructions a month.

With a full management of your Social Media we can create bespoke ‘on brand’ messages of services such as Wills & Probate, Conveyancing, Family Law, Immigration Law, Business Legal and Criminal Law. With our Social Media expertise we can then get those branded messages in front of people who have already indicated an interest in those services.


Are you constantly tired of seeing your website way down on Google searches and your competitors always in that top spot? Would you like to see how powerful social media could be in getting your business in front of people who already have expressed and interest in services like yours? If you are looking for ways to improve your marketing, even looking for a new marketing strategy then please make contact with #motion today – we would be delighted to show you what can be done.

If you are looking to see how your Marketing could better perform then please make contact with us below. We have a FREE Marketing Healthcheck, just select YES and input your website and we will do the rest. We will get back to you with a no obligation overview of your domain strength, ranking, estimations on traffic and if or how your SEO is set up properly.